Morning News Crew

Sponsor: Geri Pattie


TimberwolfTVEach morning our announcements are broadcast throughout the school on "Tallwood TV". The News Crew team members are responsible for each aspect of running our broadcast. As a member of the team, students are on a rotation that allow them to become familiar with working the camera, sound system and computer needed to run the announcements successfully as well as speaking to the camera.


Crew members are expected to maintain good attendance while on the team, reporting on time for the announcements. They may also be expected to stay after school for practice a couple of times during the year. For further requirements of the position; please refer to the application below.

News Crew 2017-2018:

Our Fall 2017 News Crew was interviewed and selected at the end of June. Stay tuned in January or February for more information on the Spring 2018 News Crew applications.